Lake Erie Charter Fishing

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Charter Trip

How long is the trip?  Our charters are 8 or 10 hours dock-to-dock or less if you've caught your limit.

Where do we meet?  You will meet at Anchors Away Marina.  When you contact us, the Captain will arrange where to meet.

Where do we park?  You will park at Anchors Away Marina.  When you contact us, we will give you specifics on where to park.

What time should I arrive?  We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your departure time.

What happens if I am running late?  Please call us if you have an emergency or are running late.  Due to scheduling, your trip cannot be extended to make up for time you are late.

Do we have to do the full 8 hours?  No, if your group has caught your limit we will return to dock.

How many people can go on a trip?  The maximum number is 6.

Do I need a passport?  No, you do not need a passport.  Lake Erie is an international body of water, but we will only be fishing in US waters.

What if I get sick?  For your comfort and the comfort of those around you we recommend you take a motion sickness pill prior to your trip if you are concerned about seasickness.  If you do get sick, it will be up to your group to decide what to do.  A return to dock in safe fishing weather due to seasickness will not result in a refund.

About the Fishing

Do I need a Fishing License?  Yes, everyone is required to have an Ohio Fishing License.

What is the limit for the number of fish I can catch?  Please refer to the Ohio DNR site  for the current fishing limits.

Do I need to bring poles, bait, or tackle?  No, poles, bait, and tackle will be provided.

Do I have to clean my own fish?  For perch all fish go to the fish cleaners.  For walleye you must either clean your own fish, take your fish to the fish cleaners, or the 1st mate may clean your fish for a fee.

Where will we be fishing?    We will be fishing in the Western Basin of Lake Erie to Vermillion, Ohio.

About the Boat

Is there a restroom on the boat?  Yes, the boat has a fully functional, private restroom.

Are there life jackets on the boat?  Yes, the boat is equipped with US Coast Guard Type I life vests with lights and whistles.

About Booking, Rates, and Cancellations

How much is the deposit?  A $100 deposit is required for all bookings.

When do I have to pay the deposit?  You have one week to turn in your deposit in order to secure your date.

Is the deposit refundable?  Please click on the RATES tab to view our policies.

How do I pay the deposit?  Your deposit may be paid via Paypal or by check.  

     Please make checks out to:  Todd Kerr.  

     Please mail deposits to: Todd Kerr 6341 Loe Rd. Cygnet, OH 43413

When is the balance due?  The balance of your charter is due the day of the charter.

What forms of payment do you accept?  Pay deposits via Paypal or by check.  All other fees must be paid IN CASH.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

What if I have less than 6 people in my group?  Please contact us.  We may be able to pair you up with another small group.  If we are able to pair you up each group will pay a $100 deposit which will be applied to your portion of the charter price.  

About Kids

Can kids come on the trip?  Yes, kids are welcome!

Do kids count towards the number of people we can have?  Yes.

Does a parent have to be present?  Yes.

Other Things

Can I bring beer?  Yes, you may bring beer.  NO HARD LIQUOR AND NO GLASS CONTAINERS.

Why can't I bring drinks in glass containers?  This is a safety issue.  The first time we hit a wave while you are drinking, your teeth will thank us that you're not drinking out of glass.

‚ÄčShould I bring lunch?  Yes, we recommend you bring a lunch and snacks for your trip.

Can I bring my dog?    No, sorry.  Dogs are not allowed.  If you have a service animal please contact us to see if we can safely accommodate you and your animal.